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Frock Coat - Colonel of Infantry

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Near mint condition infantry officer’s frock coat, rank of colonel. The coat is tailored of very fine woven wool fabric, exhibiting a slick sheen typical of Civil War period manufacture coats. The body lining is a green quilted polished cotton and wool blend. Skirt pockets are lined with brown polished cotton and sleeves are lined with white cotton. The coat’s eagle staff buttons are all matching with "Fine Gold Plate” and winged eagle backmarks. Cuff buttons are the same with one exception being a Waterbury backmark but matching honey gold patina.

Measurements on the coat are 1˝” height at the collar, sleeve circumference is 18” at the elbow and 10˝” at the cuff. Length of the coat from collar to waist seam and waist seam to the bottom of the skirt are both 20˝”.

This is the exact coat pictured on pages 138 and 139 of the uniform reference text Army Blue - The Uniform of Uncle Sam’s Regulars by John P. Langellier. The original colonel’s shoulder straps are present, and the coat’s right shoulder strap is the example pictured on page 125 of the same text.

Member - Mike Sorenson
Item #: CIV-115

Artillery Musician's Shell Jacket

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Artillery Musician's (Bugler's) shell jacket, manufactured at the Schuylkill Arsenal in Philadelphia.

Regulations called for musician's uniforms to match the coats worn by other enlisted men of their respective branch of service, but with the addition of a twill lace facing running across the breast, placed on a line with each button. The design was to gradually widen toward the armpit, and narrow again as it approached the collar. A strip of the same lace following the outer extremity of the bars created a ribbed "herringbone" form to the pattern.

This jacket shows a brilliant red piping with plaid lining typical of many jackets of Schuylkill Arsenal manufacture. The left sleeve bears the SA contractor's stamp and the four-dot size marks. The right sleeve bears an additional four-dot imprint. All matching eagle artillery buttons are original to the coat.

Member - Mike Sorenson
Item #: CIV-108

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